Exploring Different Camping Styles: RV Camping, Tent Camping, and Glamping in a Cabin

Camping is one of the most cherished ways to connect with nature. Whether you prefer the ruggedness of tent camping, the comforts of an RV, or the home-away of glamping in a cabin, understanding the differences can help you choose the perfect experience. At Pathfinder Camp Resorts, we provide all these options to ensure you can enjoy the best experience in nature, making lasting memories with family and friends.

RV Camping: Your Home on Wheels

RV Camping at Pathfinder Parksville

RV camping brings the comforts of home to the great outdoors. With an RV, you have the flexibility to travel with amenities like a bed, kitchen, and often even a bathroom. This type of camping is ideal for those who enjoy road trips and prefer to have a controlled environment that shields them from the elements. It’s perfect for family trips, offering the convenience of bringing along everything you need without having to pack and unpack at each new location.


  • Mobility to explore multiple locations
  • Comfort and convenience of amenities
  • Family-friendly with space for everyone

Tent Camping: The Classic Outdoor Experience

Tenting site at Fort Camping

Tent camping is what often comes to mind when you think of traditional camping. It involves pitching a tent and sleeping on the ground and getting closer to nature. This form of camping allows you to truly disconnect from the modern world and enjoy the simplicity of outdoor living. It’s not only the most budget-friendly option but also offers the most direct connection to the environment around you.


  • Affordable and minimalistic
  • Full immersion in nature
  • Enhanced opportunities for bonding with travel companions

Glamping in a Cabin: Home in the Wilderness

Cabin at Pathfinder Agassiz

Glamping, or glamorous camping, in a cabin combines the escapism of camping with the comforts of a hotel. These cabins are typically equipped with facilities such as comfortable beds, luxurious linens, and sometimes even include extras like hot tubs or indoor plumbing. This style is suited for those who love the outdoors but don’t want to compromise on comfort. It’s a fantastic option for a romantic getaway or a stress-free family holiday.


  • Comfortable and often luxurious accommodations
  • Less preparation and more relaxation
  • Accessible for all ages and abilities

What do we have at Pathfinder Camp Resorts?

At Pathfinder Camp Resorts, we understand that everyone’s idea of a perfect camping experience is different. That’s why we offer a variety of camping options to suit all types of campers. Whether you’re bringing your RV, pitching a tent, or opting for the comfort of a cabin, we have the facilities and the setting to make your stay enjoyable!

Family of @adventurelivingwithoutlimits are enjoying Pathfinder Agassiz park

Did you know that our cabins at Pathfinder Agassiz are wheelchair accessible? We are committed to ensuring that all our guests experience comfort and convenience during their stay with us. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to ask. We’re here to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible!

We invite you to explore the beauty of nature and make unforgettable memories, whether you’re adventuring with family or relaxing with friends. Pathfinder Camp Resorts is here to provide you with a camping experience that suits your style and exceeds your expectations. Join us and discover your perfect getaway in the great outdoors!

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