6 Fun Outdoor Camping Games

One of the best ways to make memories on a camping trip is with the joy from playing games and sharing laughs with friends & family. 

We’ve narrowed down what we believe to be the 6 best camping games to play while vacationing and enjoying the great outdoors! 

PLEASE NOTE: the games listed below are not necessarily found at Pathfinder Camp Resorts. While we do have several different games at our resorts, the selection may vary by location. We welcome and encourage you to bring your own camping games to our resorts! 


Everyone loves a game of checkers, so why not make a fun, simple, giant camping version? We also have giant chess in Pathfinder Camp Resorts Agassiz and Parksville!

What you need for checker: 
  • A sheet or tablecloth that is safe for outdoor use
  • A minimum of 24 bucket lids, frisbees, or plastic plates all the same size (to use as the checkers)
  • Two different colors of spray paint to paint the checkers


cornhole games pathfinder camp resorts agassiz parksville fort camping

Cornhole is a classic lawn party game that’s easy to play and fun for the whole family!

Get your cornhole kit on Amazon or build your own!


You can do SO much with a frisbee! While the most popular thing to do with a frisbee is to toss it back and forth, but there is so much more you can  do with a frisbee or two!

Check these great frisbee ideas (via KOA):

  • Tic-tac-toss: Tic-tac-toss is a play on tic-tac-toe that calls for 12 Frisbees. You can create a tic-tac-toe board on a tablecloth or tarp, or lay hula hoops on the ground. Instead of using X and O markers, you have to toss your Frisbee into your chosen square or hoop.
  • Bowling: Set up towers of plastic cups or arrange shatter-proof bottles at the end of a designated play area and try to knock them down using a Frisbee.
  • KanJam: For adults and older kids, KanJam is a great way to introduce some healthy competition into your camping trip. This Frisbee game involves setting two bins several feet apart and splitting into two teams. Each team must try to get their Frisbee into the bin while the other tries to deflect.
  • Free throw: If you are playing with younger kids or want to brush up on your Frisbee skills before engaging in more competitive games, have a Frisbee free throw challenge to see who can make their Frisbees go the farthest.


outdoor ladder toss games pathfinder parksville agassiz harrison fort camping

“Ladder Toss”
“Ladder Ball”
“Ladder Golf” 

Whatever you call it, there’s no question it’s a popular and entertaining game for all ages! Find yours online today or build one yourself!

And just in case you weren’t sure about Ladder Toss rules, here you go:



bananagrams games pathfinder camp resorts agassiz parksville fort camping

Bananagrams is not as widely known, but a fun game for families to play, especially when it’s a BIG!

Learn how to play HERE.

Learn how to easily make your own Big Bananagram game HERE.


giant jenga games pathfinder camp resorts agassiz parksville fort camping

Jenga is a classic! The standard-sized version offers a ton of entertainment—and if you haven’t tried Giant Jenga (aka Lawn Jenga)—you’re in for some good times. 

You can buy a Giant Jenga set or build your own if you’ve got the tools and the time. 

We want your time spent at Pathfinder Camp Resorts to be the best it can be! These games can provide hours of fun in the fresh air for the whole family while creating lifelong memories. 

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