“Sorry, there are no sites available.”

Nothing is more disappointing to read when booking your favourite campsite. You had promised the family a great trip, and now your favourite site is booked solid. 


While there could be several reasons why you weren’t able to get the site you were hoping for, we at Pathfinder Camp Resorts are trying to do all we can to ensure our camp resorts can accommodate all of our guests. 


One way we are doing that is with Site Lock Fees.

What’s a Site Lock Fee and how does it work?

A site lock fee is a fee that does 2 things:

  1. It ensures campers like you get your favourite site
  2. It helps us ensure we can accommodate all of our guests

When you pay to “lock” your site, you are paying an additional, one-time fee (per booking) that reserves a specific site at our camp resort. If you choose not to “lock-in” your site, you risk not getting the site you want when you arrive for your stay. 


You might be asking why…


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Big site, small trailer.


It’s actually very practical. There are a growing number of sizes and types of RVs with different configurations and needs. And with the variety of RV types, there’s a variety of site types.


When you arrive for your stay at Pathfinder Camp Resorts, we do our absolute best to accommodate getting you into your dream site. That said, we also need to ensure that a pop-up tent trailer isn’t going into one of our few 50-ft pull-through sites. It’s a game of RV Tetris. The ability to move RVs around based on their size and needs helps us get as many guests into a camping spot as possible. 

“Isn’t this just a money grab?”

Great question. The short answer is no.


The longer answer is, we’d prefer not to lock any sites. 




With no locked sites, the camp resort could maximize the number of guests able to book a stay over a busy summer long weekend. Remember that pop-up tent trailer that reserved one of the only 50-ft pull-through sites? They booked the last one available for the weekend, and now a 45-ft motorhome won’t be able to stay at the camp resort. 


With no site lock fee option, our staff would have put the smaller RV into a site that better suited its needs and size. 


If too many people choose to pay and lock their site, that many more campers will be left without adequate sites that suit their needs.

“So why have Site Lock Fees at all?”

We want to provide our guests with the ability to pick their favourite spot! 


If you’ve ever stayed in that “perfect site” near the water, or under the trees, or beside the playground, you want the ability to book that site and lock it in. And we want you to have that opportunity. A site lock fee ensures that. It is the best of both worlds—a compromise for guests and the camp resort. 


We want the words “Sorry, there are no sites available” to be seen as little as possible by anyone staying with us.


And a site lock fee helps us ensure that. 



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