What is Winter Camping Program at Pathfinder and Why You Will Love It?

Are you dreaming of a warm and peaceful place to escape the cold winter months?

Look no further than Winter RV Camping at Pathfinder Camp Resorts! Nestled in some of the mildest winter climates in Canada, our three stunning locations offer the perfect setting for snowbirds seeking a memorable winter experience. Be it for a cozy community, exciting activities, or the chance to immerse yourself in nature, our winter camping program has it all for you!

Why Choose Winter Camping Program at Pathfinder Camp Resorts?

Enjoy a Mild Winter Climate

At Pathfinder Camp Resorts, you’ll experience some of the most delightful winter weather in British Columbia. Each of our locations offers a mild and enjoyable winter climate, making it easy to embrace the great outdoors.

  • Agassiz-Harrison: With temperatures ranging from 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F), Agassiz provides a comfortable winter experience with minimal snowfall. This makes it perfect for exploring the town, dip in Harrison Hot Spring public pool, and engaging in local winter festivals.
  • Fort Langley: Experience a moderate winter with temperatures between 2°C and 7°C (36°F to 45°F). Rare snowfall and a charming historic village provide a fun and accessible winter retreat. Explore Fort Langley restaurants and shops anytime.
  • Parksville, Vancouver Island: Known for having the mildest winters in Canada, Parksville’s temperatures range from 3°C to 7°C (37°F to 45°F). Enjoy minimal snow, beautiful coastal scenery and local businesses during your stay.

Be in a Fun Snowbird Community and Create Precious Winter Memories

One of the greatest benefits of winter camping at Pathfinder Camp Resorts is: the opportunity to become part of a fun snowbird community. Our winter program is designed to foster friendship and togetherness, creating a welcoming environment where you can make lasting memories.

  • Community Events and Social Environment. We organize a variety of fun activities and events, from potlucks and game nights to craft workshops and mini concert. These gatherings offer a chance to connect with fellow campers. Make new friends and enjoy lively conversations!
  • Scenic Beauty: Take in the natural beauty of your surroundings. You will love exploring the festivals in Agassiz, strolling through the historic town of Fort Langley, or enjoying the river views in Parksville.

Best of Winter Camping Recreation in BC

Pathfinder Camp Resorts offers more than just a place to stay! We provide a complete winter camping experience that highlights the best of winter RV camping for seniors. Our longer-term RV stays ensure you can settle in for the entire season, making the most of your time away from home.

  • Modern amenities: Each of our locations is equipped with modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Enjoy full-hookup RV sites, well-maintained facilities, and all the comforts of home.
  • Pathfinder crews at your service: We have friendly team members that will assist you with your stay at our campgrounds!

Join Us for an Unforgettable Winter Experience

If you’re a snowbird looking for a winter retreat, Pathfinder Camp Resorts has everything you need for a fantastic season. From our mild winter climates to our vibrant community activities, we offer a winter camping experience that you’ll love. Our winter camping program is tailored to seniors seeking a winter RV camping experience that combines relaxation, community, and adventure.

Ready to make some incredible winter memories? Come and discover the joys of winter camping at Pathfinder Camp Resorts. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community and share all the fun and excitement of the season!

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