Glamping in BC: Laura’s Stay at Pathfinder Agassiz Cabin

Looking for the perfect family and pet-friendly cabin rental in BC? Pathfinder Agassiz offers an incredible glamping experience. We recently interviewed Laura (@that.RV.girl) about her family vacation in one of our cozy cabin rentals. Follow her for more of RV contents. Here’s what she shared:

1. What unique features/amenities of the Pathfinder Agassiz cabin stood out to you during your stay?

Laura: The cabin was well prepared for our family, even down to the BBQ utensils. No need to overpack, just arrive and enjoy. Our kids loved the beautiful playground, and the pedal karts were perfect for riding around the campground.

2. You have a lot of experience with RV camping; how did your preparations differ when planning to stay in a cabin instead?

Laura: You can’t beat the simplicity of a cabin stay. It’s a great way to shake up your vacation style. No hitching up, or hooking up, just show up. You still get that down-home, camping-style feel in the campground, without all the extra, quite literally, package.

3. We’re curious about what your kids said about the cabin! Did they enjoy their stay?

Laura: The kids felt like the cabin was a hotel in a campground, but then it also felt like home. They loved their stay and immediately asked, “When are we coming back!?”

Book your stay today and discover why Pathfinder Agassiz is the perfect destination for your next family vacation! Enjoy cabin rental in BC at our family and pet-friendly campground, and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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